5 Interior Design Tips


Interior Design Tips: Living Room

Products in image: Rug | Sofa |Chandelier | Throw Pillows | Side Table | Coffee table | Floor Lamp |

Hey everyone! This is a mini-article which includes interior design tips with images on the basics on how to stylize at home. Below I have attached all the links where I got these products and have displayed on the design above. If you guys have any questions in regards to the products, just contact me and I’d be happy to help.

The design above initially started with a search for a traditional multi-colored rug and ended up being a full blown living room design. Once I found the rug I was searching, I spotted this round side table and green velvet throw pillows which complement the subtle green colors in the rug that I love. Finally, but not least the amazing globe chandelier that finishes the feel I was going for which was a casual chic look.

Interior Design Tips: Bathroom Ideas

Products in image: Round mirrors | Black Vanity | Sconces #1 | Sconces #2 | Sconces #3 |

What inspired this design was the double black vanity with gold accents that really grab your attention. Then, I found these perfectly round black metal framed mirrors and paired them with the gold-white sconces that really bring out more of the gold in the vanity creating consistently throughout the space, while adding light to brighten up the space.

Interior Design Tips: Tiling Bathroom

Products in image: Diamond shape Tile | Concrete looking Tile | White pennies |

The tiles above reflect one of my favorite design styles which is why this is an Industrial Style Bathroom! I’ve designed over 500+ bathrooms in the last 2 years, and my advice would be to start from the bottom up. Look for the general bathroom flooring first, then shower wall, and finally shower floor and possible accent if needed.

Some recommendations before going to your tile store would be to bring the vanity color and countertop samples so that you can see how they work together with your tile. If these are not available, simply purchase the tile samples and see how the lighting hits it at home, and see if they look good together with the other elements you have in bathroom that you will be tiled.

Interior Design Tips: Bedroom Ideas

Products in image: Bed headboard | Bench |

This design was made by CB2 and it looks great with the overall feel of the above designs because of the color usage of black and amber which I used throughout the space, creating a very cohesive feel throughout the home. For more bedroom design tips to use at home read the “Perfect Bedroom Design Tips” article and learn the essentials for the perfect bedroom.

Interior Design Tips: Plants

Plants are a great addition to any space, they add color and life to your home, and come with a wide range of benefits that can promote your overall well being. If you’d like to read more about plants and their great benefits read here.

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