Perfect Bedroom Design Tips

best bedroom design ideas

Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home; this is your personal gateway, sanctuary, and should reflect your sense of style. After all this is where you start and end your day so let’s learn how to design a bedroom together with these quick bedroom design ideas.

Bedroom Design Tips


The layout of you bedroom won’t just dictate where each piece of furniture will be place, it will also determine the flow of you room. Therefore, when planning the layout of you bedroom design make sure you’ve kept it nice and simple. When you think about circulation in a space, think about your daily routine, and possible hobbies and everything else will fall into place.

Bring out the best in your room! If you already have a focal point like a fireplace, or a large window with beautiful greenery, show it off and make it even more beautiful by creating a cozy nook. What if I don’t have a focal point you ask. No worries, I got you covered! Creating focal points are as easy as…can’t think of anything right now to express how easy this is but it is! You can create focal points with the use of furniture, wall paneling, tiles, paint, and so much more.


The size of your furniture should complement the size and shape of your room, therefore knowing the layout ahead out time is key. It will also be a life saver because you”ll get an idea of what size of furniture fits best and saves you time and money in the long run.

Now, when it comes to your gallery wall art sizes can differ but there is a general rule to follow. If you have a large wall, and only one piece of art, you definitely want that art piece to pop. Therefore, big wall, big artwork—- small wall, small art work. If you have a large wall and have multiple sizes of frames, mirrors, or any other wall art, this could possibly work out, but laying them to creative a cohesive look may be challenging at first, after that it’s a piece of cake!

When hanging art work above furniture we recommend at least 4”-6” inches away from furniture piece. If you do not have a furniture piece you can start at eye level or from 3’ feet from floor. When hanging art next to each other keep it consistent with 2”-3” inches apart.

Rules of Scale Interior Design Bedroom


Plants aren’t just a great awkward filler; there also a great add on to any space because it boost your mood, productivity, creativity, and simply soothes you. In addition to this, it also purifies the air you breathe which is another bonus! Our favorite houseplants are: snake plant, lavender and peace lily, just to mention a few. Each and everyone of these have amazing benefits which include better sleep, blood pressure reducer and they look amazing in almost any space imaginable!


A goodnight’s sleep is important for everyone and layers are essential when preparing the bed of your dreams. The first layer will be the fitted sheets and flat sheets. The second layer, you want to consider a duvet or a throw blanket which makes your bed a lot more comfortable and welcoming which gives you that elevated designer bed look. And finally, our favorite layering part of all is the throw pillows!!! (We highly recommend different textures, and colors, and give it a little spunk of you!


When searching for the perfect nightstand it’s important to choose one with drawers because it’s very functional, and can help you be clutter free. Shop our favorite nightstands here!


Don’t skip this step!!! This will keep you organized, promotes relaxation and creativity while keeping your bedroom clean, so it’s a win-win situation. Note: only have what you need on top of furniture pieces, or essentials that deal with your daily routine; because this will naturally make your room appear less cluttered.

Window Treatments

When it comes to our bedrooms, it’s important to have privacy and lights need to be blacked out for a better nights sleep. Window treatments are a fast, quick and easy way to transform a room in seconds by adding warmth and charm while protecting your furniture from uv-rays which causes fading over time.

When placing drapery, curtains or panels we recommend to hang them up high and wide while kissing the floor. Toss the curtains on either side of the window, but do not to block the view of the window because this will make it look smaller.

Wall art

Do you have an empty- depressing wall with absolutely no flare?? It’s time to spice things up my friends! But, before you grab your wallet and purchase a ton of art pieces, plan your gallery wall on a piece of paper, on the ground next to the wall, or if your a tech-savvy create it digitally like the images below.

Note: As we mentioned above under Scale, when hanging art next to each other keep it consistent with 2”-3” inches apart. If you want to make your gallery wall even more epic don’t be afraid to add other wall decor elements such as, clocks, mirrors, tassels, shelves, sconces, and the list goes on.

Bedroom Design Gallery Wall


Natural lighting is the best light source out there, but unfortunately the sun must go down for us to have our beauty sleep. However, an interior designer would say, the light must go on. So, what do you do when natural light isn’t available?

Lighting is essential for a bedroom design and is the main ingredient in decorating any space because it facilitates our life; but can also be quite beautiful when placed properly. Pendants, sconces, task lighting, or even a floor lamp are a great addition, not just because it will brighten your day or workspace, but because it can complete your overall design.

Bedroom Design Lighting


Choosing a rug can be a challenge. But we’ve here to help you find the perfect size and placement. Please see image below for best results! Happy designing!

Bedroom Design Rug Size
Bedroom Design Rug Size


Are the finishing touches that give your overall bedroom design a very cohesive and interesting look. This is where your personality can shine and where the use or color and funky items are encouraged. Having trouble choosing your accessories? Not to worry, we have our top designers on the look-out for the newest and biggest bedroom design trends so check out our Accessory Refresh Packet for more information.

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