31 Best Home goods from Amazon


Where to buy home decor?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Where to buy home goods?” Being an e-designer I’ve search many online furniture stores, but for some reason I’ve always end up shopping at home at Amazon, Target, or Walmart for all my affordable home goods because the quality and prices are great!

During my design process my main priority when searching the best home goods for my design projects are quality, price, and style. Below you can find my favorite home goods which I have taken the liberty of displaying them in a stylish way so that you can see how the materials and colors work together! The best part of all is that you can shop all these images, simply click on the link and start redesigning your home today!

Best Amazon home goods!

Home goods from Amazon

It was a rainy day in Las Vegas, Nevada when I design this space hence the dark navy color choice. Personally, this is one of my favorite colors out there, and did you know its the color of the year? The home goods I’ve included in this design are: vintage rug which is currently 50% on sale, Navy velvet chair, gold side table, and simple but beautiful chandelier, that finishes the vintage modern feel I was going for.

Mid century Pendants under $100!

Home goods from Amazon

When I found pendant #1 I was soo in love! When I found pendant # 2 I was soo excited, when I found pendant #3 was thrilled! All 3 of these mid century modern pendants look amazing together and can easily create a cohesiveness modern feel throughout your home!

Glam home office goods

amazon home office decor

Moving onto the home office must haves!!! It seems like more people have home offices established, which isn’t surprising as technology advances keep bringing innovative ideas for us to communicate and work from home. My favorite office goods include a glass/brass bookcase, gray velvet chair, pendant lighting, and a timeless desk design which I adore. What are some of your home office must haves?

Home goods: Minimalistic home design

Home goods from Amazon

Found these items during an accessory refresh for a client that was interested in a minimalistic design with marble looking products and black metals. If you’re interested in a clean modern feel then these accessories are for you! Shop products here!

Home goods: Blush Dinnerware set

Home goods from Amazon blush dinnerware

Blush is the color every girl dreams of! Personally I prefer my blue tones but a little blush never hurt anyone. I was shopping for myself when I stumble with this beautiful blush dinnerware set; I was so excited that I even matched it with these cute silverware options that look marvelous with the blush dinnerware set! Shop our silverware options here!

Home goods under $10

Home goods from Amazon metal straws

Did you know about this??? When did these come out? I don’t know if I’ve been living under a rock or what but when I found these metal straws I bought them immediately! I’ve attached the link here in case you’re like me and don’t necessary need, but it’s a style statement and a show stopper, so why not?

Do you also shop at Amazon? If so, what are some of your favorite amazon purchases?

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