5 Best Online Furniture Stores on Budget


Best Online Furniture Stores to Shop on a Budget

Renovating a home? Wondering where to buy furniture online? Or simply have your pj’s on and are too lazy to get up from your cozy bed? If you’re anything like me, and simply enjoy browsing furniture online store, and adding to your Amazon wishlist, or favoriting everything in Target you are more likely to purchase through these online furniture stores. Or maybe not, but what we all have in common is that we enjoy shopping!

You can spend days, if not months searching for the right sofa, ottoman, or console table. Over the years, we have purchased from online furniture stores because it’s just faster and more convenient for us. What’s so great about purchasing online, you may be asking. Other than being in the comfort of your own bed, sipping a caramel macchiato, the first thing is the inventory. There is a wider range of product and styles available through online furniture stores which is fantastic!

When you’re searching online furniture stores, you can simply open a new tab in your browser and see how certain furniture pieces work together, while also keeping an eye on the budget.

Note: The most important rule when purchasing at an online furniture store, is to enter product information into a search engine like google and see who else sells the product because it could be more economic elsewhere and probably saves your budget!

Here we have included our top 5 Online Furniture Stores to get your design juices going…

1. Amazon


Best Online Furniture Store for Everything!

We’ve been shopping from Amazon for over 10 years now, and they keep staying on top with innovations. Just recently, Amazon released a new quiz to identify your design style which can help you narrow your furniture search, to start click Amazon Quiz!

Amazon has absolutely everything you could imagine, and reading the reviews before buying its a must. Quality and prices are great, and most of the time shipping is FREE. If you have any problems with your order, Amazon Chat is the answer!

Note: On the right where is says SHOP, you can search products by area from Amazon. You can also check out, our Amazon Idea List for design inspirations.

2. Target


Great online furniture store for mid-century, bohemian, and country.

What we love most about Target is the quality of products and the price tag. Although the stores don’t carry everything in stock, their online furniture store is heaven, and their in-house collections are perfect because it covers different styles from mid-century modern, to bohemian, to farmhouse. Every season they bring new, and exciting pieces which makes us keep coming back for more, and when you do shop online it includes free shipping on orders over $35.

3. Ikea


Is a great online furniture store for closets, organization, etc.

Ikea is popular because of its stylish Scandinavian clean look and low prices. This is an ideal place to start your online furniture store shopping, if you’re moving into an apartment, home, or simply renovating to sell. Ikea has everything you need from cabinetry, furniture, and even amazing meatballs, but unfortunately those aren’t available through online shopping, sorry!

What is available through this online furniture store though, is a life saver tool called, Home Planner from Ikea. It let’s you create your floor plan, and placement of furniture, so you can play around with it.

4. Walmart

online furniture stores walmart

Luxury furniture store online for modern, contemporary, electric, and farmhouse.

Walmart isn’t just great for grocery shopping, its a great online furniture store too, and offers lay-a-way but in stores only! I bet you didn’t know this, but they have a few exclusive brands like MoDRN, Drew Barrymore Flower Home, Simple Modern, and Angelo Home that have a-m-a-z-i-n-g pieces. Some of the brands are focused more on furniture and lighting, while MoDRN has a little bit of everything! Therefore, grab your laptop, coffee mug, and cozy-self and start shopping away!

5. Wayfair


Online Furniture Store for Appliances, tiles, patio furniture and more.

We couldn’t finish our top 5 online furniture stores without including Wayfair! What’s great about Wayfair is all the home necessities they have at affordable prices. From kitchen appliances, tile flooring, to outdoor furniture and so much more, this is a great place to start it you want to purchase everything in one location.

We highly recommend online furniture stores to purchase because there is a wider inventory, saves you gasoline, money, and you can shop in the comfort of your own home.

Hope you enjoyed our top 5 furniture stores online that are currently in the USA; and may also be available in India, Canada, and so forth. You may also be interested in some design tips so click here to read up on our bedroom design guide to have the fundamental requirements for the perfect bedroom design.

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