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10 Breville Coffee Machine Tips for Beginners

Breville Coffee Machine

Welcome to the wonderful world of home espresso brewing with your Breville coffee machine! As a beginner, you’re about to embark on an exhilarating journey that will transform your kitchen into your personal café. Imagine the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans filling the air, the sound of the machine whirring to life, and the joy of crafting your very own perfect cup of joe, all at the touch of a button!

It’s not just about making great coffee; it’s about discovering a passion for the rich flavors and the artistry involved in espresso making. Here we will learn about Breville coffee machines, accessories, tips and my personal experience with the Breville Barista Express. So, gear up for a fun, easy, and rewarding experience that will not only satisfy your coffee cravings, but also ignite a lifelong love for brewing. Let’s get started on this caffeinated adventure together!

Which is the Best Breville Coffee Machine?

The Barista Express

The Barista Express is the current coffee machine I own and have come to love! I read many reviews about people saying they hadn’t stopped by Starbucks or any coffee shops after they purchased the Breville Coffee Machine. Now, a year later I realized how true that actually was!

If you’re a control freak on a budget but still love great coffee you’ll love this because you can control your milk texturing, grind options, see the pressure gauge which determines what is a good or great cup of espresso, lights up when it’s cleaning time! Still haven’t mastered the latte art, but my milk is tastier than ever! Checkout my recommended coffee accessories below if you’re a barista newbie to help you along the way…

The Bambino

The bambino Breville coffee machine is a great option for your wallet and space. However, you would have to purchase the grinder, a storage container for your coffee beans, and the water tank is a little smaller so you would have to refill more frequent which can become a hassle if doing multiple cups of coffee a day.

The Barista Touch

This Breville coffee machine is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use with the touchscreen display, and even though it’s advertised as automatic, after using it for 2 months I realized it was still very much manual. What you might like most of all is the temperature control and the option to add your own drink onto the touchscreen.

Initially, I purchased this machine because it was intimidating to have a full manual espresso machine since I was coming from a Keurig coffee drip machine, and I wanted the perfect Milk Frothier for my lattes and cappuccinos. One of the many reviews that caught my attention was a system error many people mentioned, but I didn’t personally experience this. Overall, this was an okay machine, just wasn’t what I needed at that time.

General Breville Coffee Machine Tips

  1. Read the Breville Coffee Machine Manual to familiarize yourself with the tools, features, and more.
  2. Clean all parts before use and run a at least 3 brew cycles to flush the equipment.
  3. Fill ‘er up with spring water, pop in the filter, and set the date to keep track. It’s like setting a coffee date with your future self!
  4. Pre-heat up your Breville buddy for 15 minutes. It’s the secret to that perfect, hug-in-a-mug cup of coffee.
  5. Use fresh beans for best flavor. I use to get my freshly roasted beans to my door, trust me your taste buds will thank you!
  6. Grind level-Finding the ideal grind level is a quest worth taking. Experiment, take notes, and remember, every new bean is a new grind level.
  7. Tamp Talk: Consistency is key! Apply even pressure for a dreamy coffee bed. Not a tamp pro yet? No worries, there’s a tamp out there to help you nail it every time. See tamp here.
  8. Monitor shot time- Keep an eye on the clock when brewing. Aim for a 25-30 second espresso shot for that golden balance. Got a scale with a timer? Great! If not, your trusty cellphone has got your back! See scale/timer.
  9. Milk Frothing Ready to froth like a boss? Use fresh, whole milk for that creamy, dreamy foam. Pro tip: Purge your wand before steaming to keep things clean. Then, create a whirlpool of milk for the perfect latte canvas. And hey, save some bucks and practice your latte art with soap and water – check out the video below.
  10. Breville Coffee Machine Maintenance- Regularly clean your coffee machine and make sure to use the correct water and filters as this will keep cleaning at a minimal, and don’t forget about your coffee bean hooper! (Hint: Handheld vacuums are perfect to clean your hooper as coffee beans can really get stuck here).

Breville Coffee Machine Accessories for Beginners

  1. Breville Knock Box: useful to maintain a clean coffee bar.
  2. Coffee Scale with Timer: great way to measure input and output while calculating the time.
  3. Bottomless Portafilter: Just because it’s nice to see the beautiful array of colors each coffee bean provides.
  4. Distributor & Tamper: Can’t get the right amount of pressure to each cup? No worries checkout this tamper and facilitate life!
  5. Water Hardness Test Strips: Measure the water to keep your machine functioning correctly.
  6. Double Wall Cups set: 8oz cups, ideal for lattes, cappuccinos, and great company!
  7. Syrup Dispensers: Organize your pops of flavor with this brass labeled chic pumps.
  8. Coffee Sauces: The perfect finish to your lattes, cappuccino, and Frappuccino.
  9. Coffee Bar 2 Tier Organizer: A stylish way of complementing your Breville coffee machine.
  10. Airtight Glass Storage: Perfect for storing your coffee beans, sugar, and more.

Check Me Out Using My Breville Coffee Machine!

Now that you have the fundamentals tips & accessories you can take over the world! Sike, you can’t take over the world, but you’ll enjoy a great cup of coffee from now on. The pleasure of preparing and savoring coffee, whether alone or with others isbeautiful and aligns with the hygge practice of appreciation, which is another of my passions. Learn more about a hygge home.

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